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Most DIYers or dooms day preppers and even DIY home renovators, choose solar energy kits for its simplicity and ease of installation - Everything is supplied in a solar energy kit and full instructions is also supplied. A solar energy kit usually contains, solar panel(s), charger controller, battery(s)(optional), wiring cables and mounting brackets.

What is the best solar energy system?

Whether for a backup system or powering household appliances, the best energy system is one that stands the test of time. The two most important components for your system are batteries and solar panels. Choose quality batteries that can handle excessive charge/discharge cycles and choose solar panels that are highly efficient - Deep cycle batteries can handle the vigorous cycles of solar energy, while Monocrystalline solar panels are the best, in terms of longevity and efficiency.

The best solar energy system, is one that you can upgrade. An upgradeable system can be made to produce more energy as the demands increase. 

An upgradeable energy system, may contain a stronger solar controller and a higher power inverter – when upgrading, additional panels and batteries are added.

Choosing the right solar energy system

Before choosing your solar power system, you may first want to consider your end plan. In other words, what would you eventually want to make independent from the energy grid. By doing that, you can start by picking the biggest inverter that can carry out those tasks. Next, you may want to pick a powerful solar charger controller, one that can handle the eventual size of your battery bank.

Finally, choose a location where you can store the batteries – a shed designated especially for that is best. Also, choose a location where the eventual size of the solar array will fit and can get full sun light. 

As the power of your solar system increases, you will need to consider installing a breaker box – in fact, it’s a good idea to do that right from the start. 

Below is an example of an upgradeable solar panel energy system - I used Amazon products for our example:

This 60 amp charge controller, can charge at the maximum rate of 720 watts per hour. So in a 7 hour cycle (sunshine), thats 5,040 watt hours. 

It can charge from 1 - 4, 100 amp batteries in 7 hours minimum..

You can get the full details by clicking here…

With this powerful 3000 watts (9000 watt surge) sine wave inverter, you can power most household appliances, from just 12 volt input! It’s a great addition to an upgradeable energy system…

You can get the full details by clicking here…

You can start your upgradeable energy system with a single 100 amp deep cycle battery and then add more as your power demands increase...

You can get the full details by clicking here…

Start with a single 100 watt solar panel and then upgrade to more panels, as your energy demands grow…

You can get the full details by clicking here…

With the example above, you can start with just one battery of 100 amps and a single solar panel of 100 watts and is upgradeable to 7 x 100 watts, solar panels and 4 x 100 amp deep cycle 12 volt batteries.

At a total start price of  $1,367.49, for most, it’s simply out of range in terms of budget. This system though, has the potential to pay itself off and with a profit, within the year!



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Solar Energy is Free, Why Isn’t Your Electricity!

Solar energy is more important today, than it has ever been and with pollution on the rise and with the rising cost of electricity, solar power will only keep increasing on demands - and for as long as the demands increase, the cost of this valuable resource remains virtually unchanged. 

What most home owners don’t know, is that you don’t need a full blown grid tied energy system to reduce your energy costs and you don’t have to worry about home insurance being affected, as the energy system doesn’t need to be near your home. So how can you do that?

Before we get into detail, think abut this… How much can you save if your lights alone was run by solar power? How about your washing machine? Your tv… ? You get the picture! 

A small stand alone off grid solar energy system can do more than you think and the best part is, you won’t have to fork out excessive contractor cost, which is currently $1.00 for every watt of your system because you can do everything yourself… there are obviously some costs involved to get started, but once your energy system is  up and running and your powering some appliances from it, you can expect to see a drop on your energy costs.